föstudagur, apríl 11, 2014

plants and crochet

Every  day i try to work on my projects, it goes slow but that is not a problem as long that i can enjoy working on them and making things in the way that is possible for me, then i am happy. I don't know if you can remember my aloë vera plants cuttings i once received from a friendly lady through the mail ? It is been such time back now, and to think back about this and look now how the plant cuttings have grown from baby until now, it is something i really love to see.
I am working on a new cushion serie that i will call blóm
They are inspired on the flowers that i choose to cherish and that i dry. I want to pure out the meaning of this flowerprocess i always keep repeating : buy flowers, or flowers i find in nature, enjoy them as long as i can and then i dry them and make a picture of them afterwards. I use the pictures as inspiration and i try to work out a sort of flower cushion, in the way how i think a flower cushion can be made, and so i work out the line of Belle Fleur de Lis in my crochet work more deeper and personal. I looked up how you crochet flowers and i tried it out, but i could not find myself back in this, so i just tried and work out some stiches i thought of maybe i do it like this or maybe like this and then i found a way of working where i can find myself back in it.
Last week i went to visit studio meez, we went to look all the lovely plants in the big greenhouses of the botinical garden, it was the first time i came there and i am really happy studio meez showed me this paradise. I will upload most of the pictures i took there on my tumblr page and i show also a few overhere, i took so may picture , that i don't know which one i must show.  I wish you a very lovely start of the weekend tomorrow and until very soon again .
aloë vera baby plant
aloë vera grown up

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.hibou. sagði...

The flowers look great (and I love that you have chosen a name in icelandic for the project), I hope you enjoy crocheting them. :)

wide-eyed-tree sagði...

I really love your crochet flower pieces! Really love them! It is so much you!