miðvikudagur, ágúst 27, 2014

hægur vinna

i can only work slowly and take step by step. the sunshine in the morning was very lovely shinning on my plants. the next colour i will add to my scarf is dark grey, i like how the three colours go together. the backside of the cushion is almost finished and next step is making the filling for put in the cushion. i pressed some new flowers that i posted about in my bloemenarchief, i am really curious for the result that will come out. and i am collecting seeds from my garden. this are seeds from my radish plants that i let grown. it is the first time i tried it and i am happy it worked. the plant get sort of capsuls and you can take them off when they are dried out. i can collect many seeds for using next year.some of them i will also send up to claudia, we share our gardening adventures togehter and it would be nice to see how our work and love for gardening crosses eachother. i wish you a very lovely wedensday afternoon and until very soon again.
crochet cushion in progress
collecting seeds
scarf in progress
morning sunshine
radish plants

föstudagur, ágúst 22, 2014

the autumn is coming

these passed days you can really notice that it looks like autumn is on it's way. you can feel it in the cold wind blowing, here and there leaves are already falling off, rainy moments, then again sunny moments, different sunshine, and durning my walk you could also smell it in the air. i am working further for my winter project, next steps are making a scarf, started it last week and slowly it goes, and i guess an other pair of mittens will follow soon ( but slowly ). durning my walk i found a fern leaf on the ground, carefully i putted it between a paper hoping it will not break.such a lovely finding and i want to place it in a little frame and give it a place in my working place. my dear kamille keeps me good company, all though i can not always sit where i want, because she takes the good places and makes her self very cosy, sometimes i wonder of what she is dreaming. have a lovely friday afternoon and until very soon again.
scarf for winter
little mushrooms
scarf for winter
dear kamille
almost autumn